December 19, 2005

'Gay weddings' first for Belfast

Gay weddings have finally started, and not before time. The religious nutter fringe is as you would expect less than pleased,
The Reverend David McIlveen, of the Free Presbyterian Church - is among the protesters - said he was "very much opposed" to the "marriage in all but name" of gay couples.

The bible described marriage as "a relationship between male and female for the bringing up of children", he told BBC News.

"It is revealed as being an honourable relationship whereas the bible speaks of same sex relationships as being an abomination. You cannot reconcile the two."
And people are supposed to consider what that book says as a good moral guide? Actually what the bible says is that marriage is between a man and several women, often for the purpose of financial gain and political union. That is when it is not preaching the virtues of genocide.


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